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CENTURION Water/Soil Purge and Trap Autosampler

The CENTURION is available as a combined water/soil purge and trap autosampler or water only system from EST analytical. Purge and trap refer to the headspace technique in which volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are purged out of the sample matrix by an inert gas and carried onto a sorbent trap, where they are concentrated and later introduced into an instrument (e.g., gas chromatography (GC) or GC/mass spectrometry (MS)) for analysis.

Laboratories from around the world will enjoy the benefits of increased purge and trap sample throughput, instrument reliability, and optimized sample preparation using the CENTURION autosampler. Chemists and Technicians can maximize productivity and profitability, while easily operating from any PC in a lab with the EST Analytical CENTURION water/soil or water only auto sampler. This platform is proven to be robust and reliable. Check out the CENTURION and see why labs around the world are choosing it and have come to rely on us for their VOC sample testing needs.

Key Features

Engineered to Get Purge and Trap Methods Done Right the First Time

  • Proven XYZ design 
  • Heavy duty rails for long term stability 
  • Programmable Internal Standard addition <3% RSD 
  • Separate water and soil needles to eliminate cross contamination

Maximizes Lab VOC Productivity and Performance

  • Available with 100 water and 90 soil sample capacity
  • Better engineering that can to run waters as soils in a single calibration
  • Uses tested optical sensors to eliminate vial and syringe errors
  • Provides Methanol extraction capability
  • PH detection available

Easier for Labs to Use

  • Unique Software for rush samples
  • Offers 400:1 dilution capability 
  • Easy to use Intuitive software
  • Provides programmable soil needle depth to avoid clogging
  • Utilizes programmable hot water rinse to mitigate carryover

Application Notes


EST Analytical & TSHR

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As a visitor from the Americas, you have been redirected to our American partner, EST Analytical.