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FLEX 2 GC Autosampler

The Flex 2 autosampler is a multifunctional GC autosampler designed for sample preparation and sample introduction including liquid injection, headspace and SPME for GC and GC/MS. The Flex 2 delivers results that labs can count on with remarkable precision and accuracy. The Prep Ahead function allows samples to be prepared in advance while the GC run is ongoing for improved throughput and system utilization.

Key Features

The Flex 2 for Sample Prep using Multi Tool Change (MTX)

Today’s labs are searching for ways to automate and help their employees improve productivity and safety in the laboratory.  For a typical chromatography analysis 61% of time is spent on sample preparation, and 30 % of errors are linked to sample prep*.

One cost effective solution is the Flex 2 autosampler Multi Tool Change (MTX) capability.  The Flex 2 MTX was designed to optimize productivity, increase accuracy, and improve process safety in analytical and clinical labs.  The Multi Tool Change capability brings sample preparation to a higher level of laboratory efficiency.  Adding small volumes or making dilutions is now simple and easy as the Multi Tool Change allows users to switch between different tools automatically. The MTX also automates GC sample introduction by enabling labs to switch between liquid injection, headspace, and SPME applications.

* Data taken from the book “SAMPLE PREPARATION FUNDAMENTALS FOR CHROMATOGRAPHY” from Agilent Technologies

The Flex 2 can be used as a benchtop sample prep station:

  • Derivatization can be performed on the fiber or reagents added to the sample prior to extraction.
  • Adding internal standard is quick and easy
  • Extraction and Dilution that’s accurate and repeatable

Flex 2 for Liquid Injection

  • Liquid Injection Range
    – 0.5μl to 10μl with standard 10μl syringe
    – 50μl to 500μl with optional 500μl syringe
  • The Flex 2 can be configured for liquid injection analysis with any GC GC/MS:
  • The Flex 2 delivers standard or large volume injection of up to 500 uL
  • The Flex 2 performs liquid sample introduction with the ability to control injection speeds from ultra-fast to very slow for optimized, reproducible results
  • Cooled trays available

Flex 2 for Headspace

The FLEX2 can be configured for static Headspace analysis with any GC GC/MS.

  • Headspace Injection Range:
    – 100μl to 2500μl with standard 2.5ml syringe
    – 100μl to 1000μl with optional 1.0ml syringe
    – 500μl to 5000μl with optional 5.0ml syringe
  • · The Flex 2 offers both orbital (traditional) and oscillating (less wear) agitation:
  • · 6 heated vial positions for 2, 10, or 20ml vials
  • · Ambient to 200°C temperature range
  • · Orbital shaking speeds from 120 to 750rpm
  • · Oscillation shaking frequency 190 Hz

Flex 2 for Automated SPME

The Flex 2 can be configured for traditional SPME and or direct immersion analysis with any GC GC/MS.

Heated Needle/Fiber Conditioning Station:

  • · 1 heated station for needle or fiber conditioning
  • · Ambient to 350°C temperature range for fiber conditioning
  • · Ambient to 150°C temperature range for needle conditioning
  • · Sweep gas port
  • · Single Magnet Mixing Station:
  • · 1 heated station for sample heating
  • · Ambient to 150°C
  • · Mixing Speeds from 380 to 725 rpm

Multi Tool Change (MTX) Capability:

The Flex 2 automates GC sample introduction by enabling labs to switch between liquid injection, headspace, and SPME applications. 

Application Notes