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NESO Nitrogen Generators

These  generators with or without compressor provide a continuous source of nitrogen suitable for sample preparation. Evaporation is an essential step in sample preparation before a wide variety of analysis. A wide range of different systems providing low to high flow rates can be adapted to any process. Stop moving tanks and rely on a consistent, high quality gas for your laboratory.

EST analytical is now the USA distributor for F-DGSi a manufacturer of gas generators designed to meet all gas requirements. These generators are state of the art in performance and have been tested and approved by each of the major instrument manufacturers to provide optimal gas quality.

Key Features

  • With 3 models, 1 L/min to 5 L/min, the NESO Nitrogen range provides a High Purity Nitrogen solution for GC/ICP/TOC instruments. 
  • The NESO is available without or with an integrated oil free air compressor using the Energy Saving Technology mode (EST). It is extremely compact and quiet in operation. 
  • The generator is controlled using the latest in color touch screen technology to display the process in real time, inlet / outlet pressure, N2 Flow and status of the system with remote access for diagnostic control. 
  • Utilizing Advanced technology PSA of separating Nitrogen and Oxygen to produce high quality Nitrogen gas on demand 24/7.