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EST Training Courses are designed in partnership with the customer. We have several training modules that can be used as a template to constructing the perfect on-site training course for your laboratory. We will customize the agenda based on these modules and your individual needs. Courses are delivered to groups of 6 or less students for a cost of $1500 per day plus travel expenses.

Example Modules

Module 1 – Basic Gas Chromatography

Overview of the chromatographic process that includes theory training regarding column separation science, partitioning, efficiency, and resolution. Cap column choices, flow rates, and typical chromatographic problems.

Module 2 – Purge and Trap Theory

Why use Purge and Trap? What is gas extraction and headspace equilibrium? Explore factors affecting purge efficiency. Trace typical purge and trap flow paths.

Module 3 – Purge and Trap Familiarization

User training for specific Purge and Trap instrument models. Modes of operation are explained, review of flow diagrams, configuration with autosamplers and GC’s are delivered within this module. Method configuration is verified and default method setups are completed.

Module 4 – Purge and Trap Troubleshooting

Maintenance and Troubleshooting of EST supported purge and trap models. The course covers general troubleshooting tools and techniques specific to problem solving purge and trap systems such as leaks, flow problems, and response issues. The course will also deliver basic maintenance procedures to keep your instruments running efficiently.

Module 5 – GCMS PT User Training

System overview and familiarization of EST supported GCMS systems. Review of instrument components, instrument tuning, method editing and optimization, and data analysis. The course will also cover GC and MSD maintenance and basic troubleshooting of issues like leaks, response inconsistency, and vacuum efficiency.

Module 6 – Purge and Trap – Environmental Methods Familiarization

This course is designed to train the novice environmental VOC Analyst to operate their system in accordance with the EPA Method 8260 Guidelines.

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