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OEM XYZ Autosamplers

Flexible, reliable and cost-effective.

The EST XYZ Autosampler provides a robust and reliable design at a very competitive price. Our XYZ series samplers can be used as a higher margin replacement for other XYZ autosamplers. They are superbly engineered, competitively priced and provide a robust alternative.

Key Features

  • Instrument variations include sample prep and sample introduction including liquid, static headspace and SPME. Custom configurations are also available.
  • Quality products and application expertise, backed up by our ISO9000:2015 certified manufacturing team
  • We can manufacture private labeled or co-branded products to meet your needs and work closely with your team to ensure our platform integrates seamlessly with your products.
  • Whether you need an existing automation solution we provide, or a custom engineered solution is required to meet your needs, our engineering team will create a quality solution for you


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