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Total Nitrogen/Sulfur Analyzer - TN/TS 7000

The TSHR Total Nitrogen/Sulfur Analyzer, model TN/TS 7000, is the most sensitive simultaneous analyzer to detect fast and accurate trace level Sulfur and Nitrogen concentrations by one single analysis. The analyzer supports a wide range of petrochemical and refinery applications such as liquids and LPG/Gas sample types.

Combined with excellent uptime, matrix independence, exceptional linearity and enhanced performance, the TN/TS 7000 is the ideal solution for both demanding and routine applications.

The TN/TS 7000 model makes use of vertical sample introduction and high temperature oxidation followed by UV-Fluorescence (TS-UVF) and chemiluminescence (TN-CLD) detection.

Total Chlorine Analyzer - TX 7000

The TSHR Total Chlorine Analyzer, model TX 7000, is especially designed for customers with a variety of applications and high sample throughput. The design of the analyzer with a vertical positioned furnace tube provides customers a small bench space Total Chlorine analyzer microcoulometric solution with high performance and most accurate results.

The enhanced combustion process ensures a complete and effective combustion of organic sample types and analyze Chlorine content low and high boiling liquids as well as LPG/Gas samples from sub ppb to high ppm concentrations.

The TX 7000 model also support the analysis of Total Sulfur by microcoulometric detection with a Sulfur cell upgrade package.

Other configuration possibilities are: TN or TS analysis separately.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous Total Sulfur + Nitrogen data down to 30 ppb
  • Accurate, fast and reliable TX analysis down to 100 ppb
  • Robust and most compact design
  • Automated sampling and injection of liquid samples
  • High performance UV-F and CLD detectors
  • Robust and easy to use coulometric titration cell

International Regulatory Compliance Methods


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