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NEXIS GM - Gas & LPG Sampling Module

The NEXIS GM is designed for safe, accurate and reliable analysis of Gas and LPG samples when used with the NEXIS and NEXIS VP Combustion Elemental Analyzer models for trace level Total Sulfur analysis consistent with the ASTM D6667 standard.

The NEXIS GM is designed with 2 fast connectors to safely connect a Gas or LPG sample cylinder to the sampling valve of the NEXIS GM, with a fixed volume for automatic sample introduction into the NEXIS Analyzer.

The NEXIS GM is configured with sulfinert tubing, high pressure valves and is capable of handling pressurized and non-pressurized gas samples.

The sampling and injection (analysis) process is fully automated and controlled through NEXIS LINK software. Pressure and hydrocarbon sensors are on board of the NEXIS GM to ensure safe operation. A calibration line can be prepared easily using a single Gas/LPG standard and support routine Gas and LPG applications.

Key Features

  • Sulfinert coating tubing lines for reliable gas sampling
  • High pressure solutions available for handling LPG upto 700 psi (40 bar) and gas samples upto 2500 psi (170 bar)
  • Fully NEXIS LINK software control and operation
  • Calibration points and replicates in one run based on one single standard

Application Notes

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Coming Soon...