ASTM D5762

ASTM D5762 is the standard Test Method for Nitrogen in Liquid Hydrocarbons, Petroleum and Petroleum Products by Boat-Inlet Chemiluminescence

Many type of Nitrogen compounds can contaminate refinery catalysts and tend to be the most difficult class of compounds to hydrogenate. The Nitrogen content remaining in the product of a hydrotreator is a critical measure of the effectiveness of the hydrotreating process. In lubricating oils the concentration of Nitrogen is a measure of the presence of Nitrogen containing additives. This test method is intended for use in production plant control (QC) and in research applications.

This test method covers the determination of Nitrogen in liquid hydrocarbons, including petroleum process streams and lubricating oils in the concentration range from 40 mg/kg to 10,000 mg/kg Nitrogen. For light hydrocarbons containing less than 100 mg/kg Nitrogen, ASTM D4629 can be more appropriate.

Working range Total Nitrogen : 40 – 10,000 mg/kg
Sample types: Lubricating Oils, Liquid Hydrocarbons

ASTM D5762 covers the determination of Total Nitrogen in liquid petroleum products and lubricants in concentrations ranging from about 40 to 10,000 mg/ kg.

Nitrogen compounds can have detrimental effects on many environmental and industrial processes and are undesirable in finished products. Nitrogen containing hydrocarbons seem to be the hardest to hydrotreat, meaning that the nitrogen content in the product of the hydrotreater is a measure of the effectiveness of the hydrotreating process.

This supports the need and importance to monitor trace level nitrogen concentration of various type of automotive fuels and related products. This Application Note shows the Total Nitrogen analysis performance of a set of liquid hydrocarbon samples, by the EST & TSHR  NEXIS model Total Nitrogen analyzer.

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ASTM D5762 is an established method for the determination of nitrogen in lubricating oils by oxidative boat inlet chemiluminescence technique. The application is of significant importance because nitrogen components can contaminate refinery catalysts. The determination of nitrogen concentration in lubricant oils is a measure of the total nitrogen in various additives. This application notes describes the principle of operation and obtained analysis results using the NEXIS TN analyzer model, which benefits the customer from ease-of-use, precise total nitrogen data en fast analysis times.

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Our Solutions for ASTM D5762

To comply with ASTM D5762, EST & TSHR offer the NEXIS TN and TN 6000 series including combined instrument configurations like TN/TS models with boat inlet technique with fully automatic liquids injection through As120 Liquids Autosampler configurations.

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