Solid Phase Micro Extraction of Flavor Compounds in Beer

A mug of beer.

This paper will discuss Solid Phase Micro Extraction of Beer. SPME is a widely used sampling technique in the food analysis industry. SPME fibers are coated with a stationary phase that will extract analytes from the sample and onto the fiber for desorbtion and separation by Gas Chromatography (GC). The beauty of SPME is its simplicity. The SPME fiber is exposed to the sample headspace or solution and the stationary phase acts to soak up the analytes in the sample. Through use of different stationary phases, the SPME fiber can extract analytes of different polarities and volatilities by simply employing a stationary phase that best suits the needs of the application. Coupling SPME sampling with GC for separation and Mass Spectrometry (MS) for analysis provides an ideal method to discern flavor compounds. This paper will investigate Solid Phase Micro Extraction of Beer and the flavor composition of different beers providing an examination of what flavors beers have in common and what sets them apart.

The food industry is a very competitive business. A lot of work goes into the development of a new product. This statement is especially true for the beer industry. Since most of us have a favorite beer there is a different beer to satisfy each individual preference. There are light, citrus, regular and dark beers, and each type and/or brand has its own special combination in order to win over our taste buds. 

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