EST Analytical and TSHR International B.V Merger to Create Strong Global Force in Combustion Elemental Analysis

Representatives from EST Analytical and TSHR International B.V announced recently that the two companies will be merging to form one of the largest privately held manufacturers of combustion elemental analysers globally.

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EST analytical is currently a leading force globally in GC sample preparation instrument and OEM manufacturing, sales, service, and parts. Including purge and trap, dissolved gas analysis, headspace and SPME analysis serving the environmental, food/flavor, forensics, and Petro-Chemical markets while TSHR International B.V is an innovative, young and dynamic company for the development, manufacturing, sales, service and distribution of Combustion Elemental Analysis solutions. The merger has come about in order to leverage each companies resources to innovate and provide reliable and sustainable development and support of both today’s and the next generation of combustion elemental analyzers worldwide.

EST Analytical

EST analytical was founded in 1990 and for the last 28 years has provided lab instrument solutions that customers have to come to rely on around the globe.

“We’re excited about our partnership with TSHR International as it fills a need we’ve heard from our Petro-Chemical customers,” said Kelly Cravenor, VP of Business Development at EST analytical. “This partnership aligns with our strategic vision to become a recognized global leader in providing laboratory automation through purposeful innovation.”

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TSHR International was founded in 2009 to provide sales and technical support of the legacy Thermo Euroglas and Thermo Scientific Total Sulphur, Nitrogen and Chlorine analysers. Today, they have developed and introduced a new range of TSHR Combustion Elemental Analysers at their manufacturing, application lab and training facilities.

“We’re thrilled about this merger with EST Analytical as it will enlarge the development and global distribution capabilities of our Combustion Elemental Analysers,” said Arthur van Strien, General Manager at TSHR International. “This close cooperation supports our company vision to become a recognized global leader in Combustion Elemental Analyzers used in petrochemical and refinery laboratories and accelerate our plans for providing innovative customer solutions.”

The partnership will focus on global customer needs, product stability as well as driving innovation that benefits end users in the future.

EST Analytical & TSHR

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