Automated Sampling of Methanol Extractions

A pond surrounded by trees.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Method 8260 is used in order to ascertain volatile organic compounds in waters, soils and solid waste samples. Often times, soil and solid waste samples are so highly contaminated the sample needs to be dispersed in methanol. Sample collection for contaminated soils can be obtained in two ways. One, dispersing a bulk soil sample into a 40ml vial and adding methanol in the lab or two, sending pre-weighed vials with a septum sealed cap that already contains the pre-requisite methanol out in the field for soil sampling. No matter how the soil sample is dispersed in methanol, an aliquot of the methanol extract needs to be added to water and purged using USEPA Method 5030. This application will investigate automated sampling of methanol soil extractions.

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